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MBA in


2 Years




18-27 Years

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The MBA in Aviation Operations Training program is a unique and well-structured program that offers expertise in aviation operations and air transportation also offers opportunities to prepare management for a demanding in the aviation industry. It's a 2 years program divided into 4 semesters delivered in distance education mode focus on general management and on the Aviation industry specialization followed by industry project in the last semester. The program is delivered in a blended learning format that includes self-learning and pursues a job while study.

Fledge institution of aviation and hospitality, the leading institution in Aviation training, has started the rare and unique MBA program in Aviation operation management backed by research expertise in the hospitality and aviation industries. MBA in Aviation operation is focused on the aviation sector and its many sub-divisions covers the study in fundamentals of General Management and additional specialization in International Business, Marketing, and Finance in the aviation and hospitality sector.

The program emphasizes will be on the application of modern management concepts, methods, and tools on the challenges of the aviation and hospitality industry worldwide. Global aviation management covers aspects related to ground handling, cargo, aviation safety & fleet management, regulatory management, fueling management & other allied issues relevant to the aviation industry.

MBA program has a unique advantage; student can work across the aviation industry while pursuing this course and Move to managerial positions in the same industry or move up in career. To capitalize on a career opportunity, Fledge has designed the perfect curriculum that trains students on all the aspects needed to excel in these lucrative industries From aviation training to grooming, Fledge covers all the vital segments in this 4-semester program that gives aspiring student career great height around the globe.


Consider enrolling in the Myfledge Course to seize the abundant opportunities presented by the impending exponential growth in the aviation industry. Projections indicate that India will require around 400 airports and 300 aircraft in the coming decade, leading to an increased demand for skilled professionals in the hospitality and travel sectors. This well-structured 11-month program, crafted by industry experts, equips MyFledge students with comprehensive and inclusive training, empowering them to create their own path to success.






Size in 


What you'll learn 


- Economics & Management Decisions - Financial Management - Marketing Management - Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications - Operations & Material Management


- Human Resource Management - Customer Relationship Management - Project Management & Contract Administration - Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation - Research Methodology


- Fundamentals of Airlines Operation | Airport Planning & Management - Aviation Forecasting Techniques | Aviation Law & Insurance - Aviation Safety & Security Management


- Business Policy & Strategy | Aviation Enterprise Management - Regulatory Management | Dissertation

Integrated Diploma & Degree Program

  • This will be a Degree + Diploma Integrated Course ideally for freshers or graduates who wish to pursue their career and education in Aviation.

  • The student will be awarded a ‘Diploma in Aviation Management and Hospitality’ after completion of 1 year of classroom training program along with placement assistance.

  • The student will be enrolled to the Degree program from Day 1 and will complete the Online Degree Program simultaneously with the Diploma Program and will complete it in 2 years.




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