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They are the true heroes who keep us safe! Debunking the myths of a cabin crew job in India!

We all aim to be pleasant passengers, but haven't we all been lousy passengers at some point? Nobody is ideal, whether we needed to use the restroom amid heavy turbulence or exposed our stinky feet by sliding them out of our shoes. Flight attendants are the kind people who smile and bear the brunt of our quirks in the air.

The Cabin Crew: These crucial airline workers, frequently referred to as "servers in the sky," spend more time in the air than on the ground in a 24-hour period, ensuring that your journey is safe and seamless. But how much do we really understand about their jobs? Today we hope to debunk some of the stereotypes and myths about flight attendants.

Myth 1: Cabin crew is a career option only for women, not men.

The reality is that this is a profession that both men and women may pursue.

For a long time, the term "air hostess" was more commonly used than "air host."

In these modern times, every aircraft seeks to maintain gender equality in the flight attendant position. Since the introduction of male cabin crew personnel by international airlines, trends have evolved. Everyone, regardless of gender, can now advance their career as a flight attendant.

So, now that you are aware of the misconceptions or myths surrounding the cabin crew job, consider making your own decision to become a cabin crew!

Myth 2: Being a flight attendant is glamorous!

Many people feel that because flight attendants fly across the world in perfectly-curated uniforms, the job is simple and basic. They get to travel the world for a career, so how difficult can it be?

This myth is just inaccurate. While flight attendants have the privilege of travelling the world and seeing new cultures, staying in the air for extended periods of time may be stressful for the body. There is also extensive physical labour required, and the schedule is not typical of a 9 to 5 job. Transitioning between time zones can also prove to be challenging.

Myth 3:Cabin Crew is compelled to carry the luggage of the passenger

Flight attendants are not in charge of transporting your luggage. They have been particularly trained to provide first aid and CPR. This enables them to combat fires, evacuate people, and save lives. Everything is taught at the Cabin Crew Training Institute in India.

Myth 4: A cabin crew job is a glorified waitressing duty.

Many people still believe the job of a cabin crew to be an above-the-clouds version of the servers they interact within their neighbourhood.

While flight attendants do offer beverages, snacks, and (sometimes) meals, their primary responsibility is safety. All flight attendants have had extensive emergency training. And, as we debunked in the preceding myth, they have received special training in first aid and CPR. It's not just a one-time thing, though; flight attendants must attend recurrent training seminars every six months.

So it is certainly not a waitressing duty.

Being a flight attendant is an awesome job! So let's appreciate the true heroes who keep us safe and provide a pleasurable journey!

If you are confident and want to be a cabin crew member, regardless of your gender, age, or appearance, you must acquire professional training from the right place. Fledge Aviation Academy is one such option for the right place.
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