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How Myfledge fill the gaps in the aviation sector and help the Students grow!

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Ms. Piyalee Chatterjee Ghosh, Founder and Head of Product, Myfledge Institute of Aviation and Hospitality.

1. Idea of starting the business

The need for entrepreneurship in India is high more than ever before. The idea is to think about new solutions which will uplift the future of our society. One such solution is futuristic educational and skill development programs. This is where my vision for Myfledge came into existence.

2. Gaps Myfledge will fill in the aviation sector and help the students grow

One of the major gaps in the aviation industry is the lack of a formal education system. In fact, choosing people at random from different educational backgrounds can disrupt the sector. This is one of the prime reasons airlines were collapsing in the past. To fill this gap Myfledge has developed highly specialised curriculums and introduced futuristic technology-oriented, relevant content. We are looking to create workforces who can make profits for any company from day one.

3. Vision and aim of the company with expansion plans for future

Our primary mission and aim are to create efficient, aware and quality talent for Airline and Hospitality industry. Talking about our vision, we want to be able to operate on a macro level. Currently, Myfledge has presence in 9 capital cities pan India. The idea is to be able to reach out to every town and city and make our training services available for all potential talent of our country. In addition, Myfledge will expand to neighbouring countries on a skill development mission in the near future.

4. What are the courses & offers that the company provide to the students under one umbrella with helping them in placements

Our courses are mainly focussed on aviation, hospitality, hotels, and tourism industries at large. These sectors own a trillion-dollar market share and are interconnected with each other. Major league companies exist in the sectors. Our courses are designed to meet every kind of basic and advanced talent requirement of the industries. We have specialized programs starting from pilot training, air hostess and cabin crew training, ground operations and customer service to hotel management, visa services, tour planning to name a few.

5. How has technology helped in the training process for the aviation sector

Aviation is all about technology. In the past, poor standards of training and education quality had a huge negative impact on talent quality. Today, by embracing technology for training, we can create a skilled, up-to-date workforce. During the pandemic, e-learning helped in continuous training and even now it provides good upskilling and skilling opportunities irrespective of location. If talent needs to be tech-savvy and therefore using tech in training is of paramount importance.

6. Virtual World Aviation Dives! Positive changes to aviation are made through VR and AR.

VR and AR are still very new and in the nascent stage. However, we can definitely see aviation as a lucrative market to introduce AR and VR on many levels. This will enhance and raise standards of training and help elevate students’ intellectual and practical capabilities. Technology like AR and VR can help give students a realistic feel of equipment, and environment.

7. Challenges faced being a women entrepreneur in a sector which is male dominant

Family support should be unconditional no matter what gender. If everyone is treated equally and receives quality education opportunities, obstacles faced because of gender bias will reduce immensely. Personally, I have been fortunate to have received both and have not faced any challenges based on my gender. However, obstacles do exist and we must acknowledge them. I strongly encourage more women to participate in the economy and men to share household responsibilities. Through this, we will be able to create a balanced ecosystem where everyone is participating and earning a livelihood.

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