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8 Days



18-27 Years



Amadeus   Training course aims to provide intensive hands-on training to the participants on the Amadeus platform which is Amadeus’s airline passenger services IT system. This training is most beneficial for students aspiring to make a career in Airline Ground Staff for the airline reservation, scheduling, and departure control departments.

Amadeus system is used globally by 120 Airlines namely Vistara, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, etc. After the successful completion of the course and passing of exams, students will get a certificate from Amadeus which is recognized by airlines worldwide. It manages the entire check-in process, including retrieving the reservation, making any necessary updates, advanced check-in options, boarding passes, and baggage tags getting printed out.

Amadeus Certification moving towards a platform approach, where airlines will have direct access to self-service functionalities; their day-to-day work will be easier to manage, allowing them to integrate technologies and an extensive library of web services from Amadeus. Amadeus provides the technology which keeps the aviation sector moving smoothly Ensure safe and secure passenger and baggage transport and provides superior customer service in a demanding customer-facing environment. Amadeus course aims to serve travelers better and to manage the airline business more effectively.

What you'll learn 

 (Availability, Fares, Pricing, Booking and Ticketing)


Altea Reservation helps you to maximize bookings, reduce the time-to-ticket, enhancing customer service and instant confirmation on special service requests. The aviation industry embraces this course is intended for aviation professionals and objective of the Amadeus Basic Reservation and Ticketing training course is to provide knowledge and experience so that airlines can simplify their business processes, focus on managing their business, innovate and deliver seamless traveler experiences to the customers and passengers worldwide.

Amadeus Availability Management allows you to manage records and processes sale-sensitive distribution policies automatically according to traveler’s preferences in bookings and can be retrieved in real-time using the extensive set of business rules to facilitate booking management.

(Schedule Management, Re-Accommodation, Seating)

Amadeus Altea Inventory strengthens your airline's competitive positioning through speed and automation of flight schedules, codeshare, re-accommodation, and seating. This airline inventory management solution helps you implement schedule management technology, from schedule reception for single schedules to processing major schedule changes and full schedule publication also helps you to better cater to your high-value customers.

Altea Inventory offers Key functionalities to control airline inventory, calculate revenue bid price by real-time interaction with revenue management, departure control systems, automated availability and prioritization of daily workload of airlines.

(Check-in, Baggage, Boarding, Weight & Balance, Flight Activity Plan)

Amadeus Altea Departure Management focuses on passenger services and optimizes every revenue opportunity from booking to take-off. Altea Departure reduces airport traffic by enhancing and empowers your customers to check-in through multiple check-in channels and automated check-in. Simplified customer-centric identification and check-in steps are fully automated, including smart seating logic, validation of tickets, and self-scan boarding pass capability at the gate, automated transfer of passengers, taking into account each customer’s unique value.


Amadeus Altea Departure Control optimizes every flight departure by analyzing the passenger and cargo load. , fuel for every flight departure and detailed allocation of passenger weight by defining the optimal aircraft load distribution and generates a graphical Load Instruction Report (LIR) for your ramp staff.

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