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Corporate Flight Attendant Training Course


1 Year



17-27 Years

10+2 (Class 12th or equivalent)

passed, appeared or above


With an onset of current pandemic, travelling business class in private jets have become popular. Many airline companies are flourishing in this domain of aviation. The training imparted for this section is very crucial as individuals needs to be trained on highest parameters of safety , security , food and beverage services. Upon completion of Private jets cabin crew training, the participants will have access to premium job opportunities in India and abroad. Salary packages are highest in this section along with perks of travelling abroad.

What you'll learn 

        Managing the expectations of Ultra High Net Worth individuals     

    •  Building Client Profiles
   •    Luxury brands, restaurants and gourmet suppliers
   •    Effective trip planning
   •    Ordering catering and menu planning worldwide
   •    Catering on a budget
   •    Catering last minute and pop up flights
   •    Catering and service styles for the Middle East,   

         Russian, African and Asian clientele
   •    Religious considerations for catering and service
   •    Creative menu writing & apps
   •    Cultural differences and considerations
   •    Children onboard
   •    Pets in the Cabin
   •    Customs and aircraft paperwork
   •    Introduction to Luxury Brands
   •    Luxury Suppliers
   •    Building your supplier network

•    Luxury brand knowledge and suppliers
   •    Floristry session
   •    Culinary Sessions:
   •    Gourmet foods & brands
   •    Caviar, balik salmon & cheese cutting serving and serving etiquette
   •    Chefs garnishing techniques and trends
   •    Contemporary culinary presentation techniques
   •    Modern food presentation
   •    Emergency catering ideas and disaster recovery
   •    Flight Attendant tools and modern must haves
   •    Considerations for Cooking at Altitude
   •    Sommelier Sessions:
   •    A curated tasting and pairing session with our Michelin Star Sommelier:
   •    Serving wine and champagne
   •    Wine and food pairing
   •    Wine tasting session
   •    Handling and storage of wines
   •    Spirits knowledge and serving – including modern cocktail twists
   •    Barista Sessions
   •    Preparing barista style drinks onboard
   •    Premium varieties of tea and coffees

All training will be completed in our business jet mock up
   •    The WOW factor - Styling the cabin and bathrooms
   •    Corporate jet amenities & brands
   •    Contemporary cabin trends and modern concepts
   •    Pre Flight Duties 
   •    Galley and catering preparation and organisation
   •    Space considerations for business jets
   •    Mis en place
   •    Care of silver ware and crystalware
   •    Modern napkin folds
   •    Boarding passengers
   •    Passenger briefing
   •    Inflight duties
   •    Beverage service
   •    The art of service and hospitality
   •    Delivering exceptional service
   •    The dining experience
   •    Service language and deportment
   •    The art of setting the table
   •    Silver service and inflight service concepts
   •    Practical sessions and scenarios
   •    Service timing and Galley management
   •    Introduction to linens and luxury brands 
   •    Bed Making and turndown service
   •    Long range flights
   •    Post Flight Duties
   •    Cabin Cleaning and care including leather care
   •    Coronavirus disinfection products and procedures
   •    Preparing your jet for ground stops

•    Mock Trial Flight - All delegates will be assessed upon their performance with learner feedback for progression and guidance.
   •    Corporate and personal etiquette
   •    Presenting a professional image
   •    Social Media etiquette 
   •    Networking and resources
   •    Interviews and trial flights
   •    Career progression and recruitment


  • Excellent in English & Hindi Communication.

  • Having Pleasing Personality.​​

  • Basic Knowledge of English

  • No Visible tattoos & marks.

  • Minimum Height: 155 cm for female & 170 cm for male.

  • BMI ranges for female 18-22 and for male 18-25.

  • Selection will be on the basis  of personal interview.

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